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Mealtime Malcontents

"This one’s too hot." "This one’s too cold." Like whiny characters in a twisted fairy tale, the food police at the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) never seem satisfied with the options on the table. The spread has never been more bountiful than the selection available to today’s American consumer. In a spectrum ranging from cholesterol-lowering yogurt to calorie-burning drinks, the average consumer can find an item to address almost any ailment or satisfy any craving. But CSPI is no fan of choice.Offering up a rally cry "for laws and regulations that would help rein in soft drink consumption," CSPI’s executive director Michael Jacobson makes no attempt to hide his contempt for soda, even suing soft drink manufacturers over the healthy, diet alternatives and criticizing the new vitamin-fortified drinks they offer customers.And while CSPI hosted a press conference last week to condemn restaurants for generous portions, the insatiable activist group issued a press release on Tuesday to complain that companies offering "smaller meals at discounted prices" are not going far enough.Showing nothing but dissatisfaction in the face of this menu mélange, CSPI’s possible revision of a Grimms’ classic is not difficult to imagine. "Goldilocks Sues Porridge Maker: It will never be ‘just right.’"

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