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Three Cheers (Not!) For The Nanny State

The good folks at the Colorado-based Independence Institute sponsored a “Stop the Growth of the Nanny State” party last month. And given what attendee and longtime freedom fighter Stephen Moore has to say about it in today’s Wall Street Journal, we’re a little peeved we didn’t get an invite. Of course, much of the event was just a chance for like-minded people to get together and participate in a bunch of politically incorrect activities, like cigar-smoking (gasp!) and trap shooting (double gasp!). But, as Moore makes clear, party-goers had
a deeper motivation: to stick their tongues out, figuratively, at the tyrant politicians in Washington and Denver who keep enacting rules about how they should run their lives. These people are just dog tired of having the government tell them what to do…
Three cheers for that.

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