CCF Delivers One-Two Punch to PETA

Yesterday, the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) sent PETA and one of its top spokesmen scurrying with their tails between their legs. Big time. PETA has been using the Michael Vick dogfighting scandal to drum up support — and cash — for the organization. And while CCF deplores Vick’s actions, we also have a big problem with PETA’s blatant hypocrisy when it comes to killing animals.
CCF pressed PETA’s Daphna Nachminovitch on the issue of PETA’s hypocrisy in a debate on Fox News. In the words of one fan, CCF "not only ate the lunch of [Nachminovitch], but took her chocolate milk, too." Enough said.
And as CCF’s full-page ad yesterday in The New York Times pointed out, PETA has killed more than 14,400 animals since 1998. Vick allegedly killed 8. (Click here to enter, where you can see the ad and read more about how PETA really treats animals.)
We put it best in a recent press release:

PETA has shamelessly used the horrific Michael Vick case to pad their group’s coffers, even though their track record of slaughtering thousands of helpless, adoptable animals is far more damning. Americans need to be aware of how PETA treats animals in their care and reject the group’s overt hypocrisy.

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