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Don’t Trust Obesity Hype

Americans should think twice before they trust the latest scaremongering study about obesity, "F as in Fat: How Obesity Policies are Failing America."
The study, which was published yesterday by the Trust for America’s Health, compares obesity to pandemic flu, and suggests that policymakers need to "think big" about implementing federal, state, and local policies to combat obesity.
But as we explained to numerous newspapers, this report — along with the doom-and-gloom hyperbole pushed by so many activist groups — dismisses the notion of personal responsibility. And short of government-regulated portion control, personal responsibility is the only way people will lose weight.
Here are a few of the media outlets that included a nugget of our common sense in their articles:

Associated Press
Bloomberg News
Chattanooga Times Free Press
Mississippi Sun Herald
The Charlotte Observer
New Haven Register
Deseret Morning News
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Richmond Times-Dispatch

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