Veggie Pride! (Nothing To See Here … Move Along …)

New York City’s anti-meat crowd had a big day yesterday. The nation’s first “Veggie Pride Parade,” held in Manhattan on Sunday, was a much-anticipated event. They had a website! And a press release! The New York Sun reported

Marchers may pepper the parade route with chants such as "What do we want? Vegan options in our schools! When do we want it? Now!" and carry eye-catching placards such as "Eating Meat: So 20th Century."…
The parade will have 10 marshals in bright orange vests to keep the peace and 10 outreach volunteers in bright yellow vests.

Organizer Pamela Rice explained that the NYC event was modeled after the annual vegan festival in Paris. There would be contests and prizes–even a vegetable wedding! Explained Rice: “We are the Woodstock of the 21st century.”
After a long week of build up, the big day finally arrived. Today’s New York Times recounts the unmitigated chaos that ensued upon the parade’s gigantic climax in Greenwich Village:

The festivities began at noon in the meatpacking district — get it? — and drew about 600 people and at least one vegan dog — Simba, a tofu-fed black Labrador retriever.

Woodstock indeed: 600 people and a vegan dog. Unfortunately for Rice and friends, even PETA was too busy protesting a horse race to be bothered.
If this is the new dietary vanguard, it doesn’t look like omnivores have much to worry about. Unless, apparently, you’re trying to sell some hot dogs. Adds The Times:

Perhaps unsurprisingly, business was decidedly thin at Salem Atwah’s hot-dog stand, on the southwest corner or Washington Square South and LaGuardia Place. Rarely, Mr. Atwah said, had he sold so few hot dogs.
“It’s because of the vegetarians,” he said. “It’s one of my worst days in four years.”

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