PETA Shower Protest Is All Wet (Again)

“Fast food” zoning, mandated calorie guilt trips, Crisco bans — we think it’s safe to say that Californians have had enough meddling in their food choices lately. But PETA would like to make absolutely sure. Which is why Golden State residents in Fresno and San Francisco are getting a lecture on meat-eating this week, in the form of a naked shower. Here we go again.
We saw this same PETA shower stunt in New York’s Times Square three months ago. Back then, the “showering” protesters claimed that producing a pound of meat “requires water equivalent to more than a year’s worth of showers.” And now?
The group says it takes six months of showers to equal the amount of water used to prepare a pound of beef.
Oops! It looks like beef isn’t as resource-depleting as PETA once thought. But the anti-meat fringe is still way off the mark. As we’re telling the media:
According to the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST), it would take fewer than 18 ten-minute showers to consume the amount of water required to produce a pound of American beef. That includes all the water consumed by cattle, plus everything involved in irrigating feed crops and processing the meat.
Today, PETA’s nearly-naked protest caravan stops in San Francisco. If the average PETA intern only showers 18 times every 6 months, the City by the Bay is as good a place as any to catch up.
We’ve always thought PETA stinks. Perhaps now we know why.

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