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It’s been two weeks since United Nations climate-change guru Rajendra Pachauri declared that everyone should fight planetary meltdown by giving up meat (whether we like it or not). But Pachauri’s recruitment as eco-veggie spokesman has really rocked the anti-meat activist world. PETA activists celebrated by taking a shower. And the Humane Society of the United States was quick to latch on to Pachauri’s statement as new evidence that eating meat isn’t “sustainable” (whatever that means this week).

As for the rest of us, the jury is still out on the new anti-steak rationale. Over the weekend, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review columnist Bob Pellegrino became the latest of many to ask “Where’s the beef?” in Pachauri’s argument. For his daring to ask a tough question, Pellegrino is our Quote of the Week:
But the head honcho of hot air at Turtle Bay — now there’s a distinction — cannot say with specificity what impact, if any, a reduction in cow flatulence would have on global temperatures.
And how convenient for him: He’s a vegetarian.
Dr. Pachauri should be more concerned about his own diet. A new study shows that a deficiency of vitamin B-12, found primarily in meat, fish and milk, can lead to brain shrinkage.
Count on more simple-minded behavior modification from the global-warming theocrats. What we eat. What we think. What we believe. The nonsense is just beginning.
And the so-called "remedies" to global warming, man-made or otherwise, are highly suspect when the actual science is far from settled.
So, yeah, gimme some bacon on that cheeseburger.

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