Personal Foul! Phony Cancer Project! Unnecessary Buzzkill!

The animal-rights “Cancer Project” is deliberately trying to mislead the media today by circulating a “Five Most Unhealthful Super Bowl Party Foods“ list. But consumers should know that this PETA clone doesn’t care a whit about human health. They just want you to stop eating meat. Exhibit A: their so-called “unhealthy” foods include two meat-lovers pizzas, a chicken pasta dish, a tuna melt, and chicken wings. What a coincidence.
We’re reminding journalists today that the largest study ever to examine links between meat and colon cancer found no connection at all. But that hasn’t stopped animal rights groups from trying to make Super Bowl Sunday a tofu-only zone by posing as a mainstream cancer research group.
The Super Bowl is about three things: eating food, watching the commercials, and lastly, following the game. This is just another effort from the misnamed Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine to demonize the consumption of beef, pork, poultry, and fish.
The irony is that these anti-meat football hooligans are trying to ruin the big game with a meat health scare, when powerful carnivores are what makes the event possible. Do you think Big Ben or Kurt Warner chow down on platters of veggie sticks and bean sprouts after practice? Are Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald ordering Tofurky burgers when they go out to eat?
To be fair, there is one vegan who plays in the National Football League (TE Tony Gonzalez). Just one, out of nearly 1,700 players. And he plays for the 2-and-14 Kansas City Chiefs. Enough said. We’re calling foul.

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