Straight Talk About Sugars? That’s Sweet.

 Consumers are often confused by all the conflicting information out there about sweeteners. To help clear the air, we’ve built a new website to help bust the myths about the sweeter things in life. dives into the facts about table sugar, beet sugar, brown sugar, corn sugar, honey, molasses, and other sweeteners we use regularly.
Think you know how sugars are made? You might be surprised. will guide you through the production process for sweeteners like cane sugar, beet sugar, fruit juice concentrate, and high fructose corn syrup.
What are some of the common myths? Eating sugary sweeteners causes diabetes. High fructose corn syrup is actually “high” in fructose. Sugary sweeteners make kids hyper. And so on. Prepare to be surprised. 
You may be wondering who’s behind some of the myths. also exposes the activists responsible for sowing the seeds of confusion. Those campaigns aren’t based in medical data, but in schools of pseudo-science with narrow-minded ideas of avoiding certain foods on the path to health. Sugar mythmakers have spent years targeting a handful of sweeteners and cultivating public misconceptions about them.
Convinced that some sugars are “better” than others? just might convince you otherwise.
Get started today: Take the quiz to test your sugar smarts.

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