Russell Crowe Puts the Pedal to the Metal

Oscar winner Russell Crowe isn’t one to take an insult lying down. When Australian newspaper columnist Annette Sharp criticized the actor for eating three tacos and a soda during a recent bike ride, Crowe responded by challenging her to a 12-mile race – and then left her in the dust.
Here’s how the competition went down:

Crowe’s spokesman called up Sharp the next day and said: "Get on your bike. Russell wants you to go riding with him. Are you ready to die?"
The journalist accepted the challenge and the pair met at dawn for a 12-mile ride through the city.
Video of the race shows the writer struggling to keep up while Crowe zooms along unfazed. At one point, she falls off her bike.
Instead of gloating, she revealed, the actor was "gracious, concerned — the perfect gentleman as he rolled up my trousers to check on my knee."
They got back on their bikes and finished the ride.

It should come as no surprise that super-fit Crowe can eat whatever he wants and still be healthy. Being in great shape doesn’t mean you have to be a food puritan or stick with salad at every meal. As we’ve said time and again, exercise plays a vital role in weight control and maintaining good health.
At least Sharp had the grace to eat her words. We hope for the sake of her sensitive palate that they weren’t high-calorie.

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