Super Sized Swindle

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Morgan Spurlock, the director and star of the 2004 “schlock-u-mentary” Super Size Me who was last seen giving a profanity-laced speech to high school students. Spurlock’s claim to fame is filming himself gorging on a McDonald’s-only diet—and cutting out most exercise—for 30 days. The predictable result was that he gained weight, which is inevitably what happens when someone consumes 5,000 calories a day (the equivalent of 9 Big Macs) without a Michael Phelps-style exercise regimen. But if you think his film’s scary message is that fast food will blow you up like a balloon, then you might be confused by his interview yesterday in London’s Sunday Times as he spoke about an item in his own diet plan:

Morgan Spurlock, the American film maker who exposed the dangers of a junk food diet in Super Size Me, has developed a taste for deep-fried Mars bars during a visit to Scotland.
 “Deep fried Mars bars are absolutely fantastic,” he said. “They don’t look like much, but the taste is great….It is seriously one of the best things you will ever have in your life.”
…Spurlock, whose ancestors hail from the Highlands, said he was determined to try a deep-fried Mars Bar, even though it contains almost twice as many calories as a Big Mac.

Super Size Me failed to depict any semblance of a healthy diet-and-exercise lifestyle. After all, people have lost weight eating a McDonald’s diet. So while he’s across the pond, Spurlock ought to enjoy a long jog in the highlands to balance out those fried treats. We’re sure he—of all people—can appreciate the dietary advice of exercise and moderation. At least when the cameras aren’t rolling.

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