The Winter of Wayne’s Discontent

As Washington, DC deals with Phase II of the 2010 Snowpocalypse, Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) president Wayne Pacelle has been showing his own icy, nasty side. And as some HSUS members get familiar with what we have to say, they’re telling us that Wayne’s shrill, desperate tone says volumes about him—more, in fact, than anything we could ever write.
Since HSUS claims to represent “millions” of Americans, we expected to get (at least) a few thousand angry e-mails. But of the roughly 200 people who shared their feelings with us, most of them were positive about our efforts to keep HSUS honestHere’s a sampling.

Rob: “The humane society’s attacks make them look weaker. Regardless of where one stands on these issues, they are doing a disservice to their organization and the importance that these issues demand.”
Andrew: “If what you say is true, you’re doing me a favor by causing HSUS to change course, or be replaced by an honest player.”
Sharon: “Keep up the good work exposing HSUS for what it is, a political organization with an anti-pet agenda.”
Nancy: “You guys are my heroes! Keep up the good work exposing HSUS for what they are. No friend of animals.”
Mike: “Congratulations!  You made the naughty list.”
Cherie: “I’ll do what I can to help animals and stop human abuse, but I think Wayne Pacelle is off his rocker.”
Jeff: “Thank you for taking on the Humane Society of the US & PETA”
Connie: “You hit a nerve. Good for you!”
Cindy: “I really hope HSUS has helped the animals more than themselves. But I really don’t know. Thanks for explaining what you’re seeing.”


Maria: “You SUCK!!!!!"
Staci: “I hope you all choke on a chicken bone!!!!”
Jeff: “Someday everyone will be vegan and then U will be sorry!!!”

In addition, one reader forwarded us an e-mail she sent to Wayne Pacelle. It reads as follows:

Dear Wayne,  
In regards to your following request:
Will you make a special gift today and show CCF that those who care about animals won’t back down?  Also, as we allow from time to time, the donor who raises the most in this campaign gets naming rights to one of our animals at the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch.
I’ll be sending my special $5,000.00 gift to CCF today.  I’ll get to name an entire dozen of hatching eggs!  Isn’t that wonderful?
I’m more than happy to contribute and I thank you for bringing this very important issue and CCF’s vital work for animals to my attention!

Best regards,

Thanks, Linda! Your contribution will go toward educating more Americans about the Humane Society of the United States.
Speaking of that mission, we hope you’ll be a frequent visitor to when it’s up and running. Because of the snowstorm, we’re pushing the launch back to next week. (It’ll be worth the wait.)

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