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News Roundup: A Phony “Watchdog” and Fishy Food Fears

August may be a traditionally slow news cycle, but we’re lighting up the media. In Roll Call, a popular publication among the Capitol Hill crowd and DC policy wonks, we expose an inside-the-beltway organization called Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) that masquerades as a nonpartisan watchdog. In reality, CREW is a partisan lapdog, taking money from the left-wing fringe and disproportionately attacking right-leaning groups and politicians. Could CREW get a smack on the snout from the authorities? It’s possible:

It is not surprising that this has raised the eyebrows of tax attorneys. Former IRS official Richard J. Wood was quoted in 2006 as saying that if someone were to complain about CREW’s actions “at least preliminarily, I think they have a good case.” He cited a memo from the IRS stating that organizations that show a “long-term strategy of engaging in prohibited behavior” can have it used against them.

And over at The Daily Caller, we take on Greenpeace (and actor Jeremy Piven) for serving up a whale of a tale about the miniscule risks from mercury present in fish. As our new iPhone app shows, you can eat plate after plate of most kinds of seafood and not be at risk from the trace amounts of mercury present. This has enormous implications for both pregnant women and their children, as scientists are finding that seafood is associated with better brain development:

On one side of the debate, you have respected scientists pointing out that pregnant women should be eating more fish and that the benefits far outweigh the miniscule risk.

And on the other side, there are environmentalists and a Hollywood clown telling fishy tales. Guess which side should be eating more brain food?

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