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What Do the Pros Think About Salt Hype? Check Their Eating Habits…

As we noted yesterday, it’s been a banner year for the essential nutrient the food scolds call “the deadly white powder you already snort.” Prestigious journals have released multiple studies finding that moderate intakes of salt are associated with the best health outcomes. Other studies showed no reduced mortality from the activists’ preferred reduced-salt diets for everyone.

So it should come as no surprise (especially given that America’s biggest nanny-mayor, Michael Bloomberg, is known to have a soft spot for the white mineral) that health professionals themselves may not eat like they buy all the hype. According to a study by University of Amsterdam researchers published in the British Medical Journal’s Christmas issue, Dutch health policymakers and professionals who ate in their office or hospital cafeterias were consuming more salt in one meal than that country’s dietary guidelines prescribe for an entire day.

A Scientific American article from earlier this year looked at the evidence and concluded that “it’s time to end the war on salt.” When even committed warriors — scientists and politicians both — don’t eat like salt is some “silent killer,” perhaps it’s past time to let consumers go on with their lives and stop the meddling.

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