“Public health” researchers have a bad habit of proposing radical regulations on food to try to slim the nation down. The recent call by Robert Lustig to regulate sugar like alcohol or tobacco (does anybody fancy a run to the Soda Control Board store?) is only the latest.

CCF Senior Research Analyst J. Justin Wilson sat down with NBC Nightly News to inject some common sense into the sugar debate. He told NBC, “We need more personal responsibility and giving people the honest truth … calling sugar toxic does not actually get us to a healthier society.”

Unfortunately, calling sugar toxic makes for spectacular headlines and gets the researchers making this radical claim a wide audience. It’s also irresponsible, as it promotes hyperbolic conclusions rather than sound science.

With “public health” the justification for “Twinkie Taxes,” a “war on salt,” and even hauling fat kids into foster care, it’s time somebody told the activists to knock it off. Watch the whole segment at the link.

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