Vegans: Respect Animal Rights or We’ll Violate Human Rights

Animal liberation activists like to feel morally superior. They just love all life forms more and understand them better than normal people who enjoy cheese with wine and a good steak. They’re enlightened. Yet strangely, the deep love emanating from their “cosmic consciousness” never seems to reach humans. A California couple is learning that lesson firsthand.

Matthew and Terces Engelhart are a married couple who have owned and operated a famous vegan restaurant in San Francisco since 2004. After living 40 years as vegetarians (the last 12 as vegans), the couple announced their personal decision to resume meat eating on their blog.

The post went unnoticed for a few months. But once activists found out they took no time in transforming from a group of ahimsa preachers into an angry, self-righteous mob. The Engelhart’s restaurant, Café Gratitude, was swamped by protesters. A Facebook page calling for a boycott of the restaurant was started where, The Guardian reported, one vegan wrote “FXXXing HYPOCRITES!!!! Hope they will be FLAME BURNED and eaten by Meat Eaters.”

Worst of all, the couple received several death threats for their personal decision to eat meat. Yep, you read that right. Vegan activists want to kill humans for eating animals.

“People have taken up the mob mentality,” Matthew told the Hollywood Reporter, “it saddens me that the choices we made in the privacy of our home would lead people to feel so betrayed that it’s elevated to threats on our lives.”

The animal rights movement has a long history of lawbreaking and intimidation. But by attacking restaurateurs of a vegan establishment, it’s revealed a new, ironic trait: Promoting cannibalism.

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