Fur Free to Flow Into San Francisco

In a win for personal lifestyle choices and a blow to vegans hell-bent on dictating morality, fur coats and other accessories can once again flow freely into San Francisco. For now, at least.

In January, the city’s began fully implementing a ban on selling fur. It was quickly challenged in court on interstate commerce grounds, and the city relented, in part.

San Francisco had initially stated that it would enforce its fur ban against even online sales, but backed off after the lawsuit was filed. The city has now stated it won’t enforce the ordinance against online sales, just sales for retailers that have a physical presence in the city.

Animal liberation lobbyists tried to spin a win, noting that the court ruled the city did have the authority to ban sales to brick-and-mortar businesses within city limits. But the city only got that win by conceding ground and allowing Internet sales. (Meanwhile, the litigation will continue.)

Let’s cut to the chase: The city should rescind this dumb law. Part of San Francisco’s long history of virtue-signaling, the law simply forced residents to travel to, say, Oakland and buy fur. Now they can spare that hassle by simply ordering fur online. So why continuing hurting local businesses?

Our position is on fur is the same as our position on other consumer products: If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

The position of animal liberation fanatics such as PETA and the Humane Society of the United States is that they can impose their vegan worldview on others. They don’t think you should be allowed to buy fur—or wool, or leather, or silk, or pets, or meat, or dairy products, or eggs.

If they want to live that way, it’s a free country. But they have no business imposing that ideology on others.

As for San Franciscans, get it while you can: A statewide ban on fur goes into effect in a couple of years. While a recent ruling on the state’s foie gras ban provides hope that Internet sales of “banned in California” products can continue, you never know.

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