Animal Activists Move the Goalposts–Again

There’s an old adage that if you give someone an inch, they’ll take a mile. And time and time again, the vegan animal liberation crowd shows that saying to be accurate.

For years, the smarter activists–i.e., not PETA–have realized that demanding people become vegan overnight isn’t a persuasive campaign. So they latched onto the Meatless Monday campaign that, as its name suggests, asks people to go vegetarian one day a week. We’ve debunked the campaign’s claims, most recently in the New York Post after New York City imposed Meatless Mondays on schoolchildren. (Aren’t school meals bad enough already?)

But one-seventh vegetarianism was never the goal.

This was confirmed last week when animal liberation group World Animal Protection launched a new campaign, “Meating Halfway,” which moves the goalposts from Mondays to half the meals you eat. The campaign even has a corporate sponsor in the form of a vegan meal delivery service.

We’ve seen similar duplicity from the Humane Society of the United States. The group for years has badgered companies into pledging to only serve cage-free eggs.

But that won’t mollify the vegans running HSUS. One of them, vice president Josh Balk, revealed as much at an “insider” activist conference some years ago. “Anyone who says that cage-free is 100% humane, 100% cruelty-free, just know that’s not accurate. That simply is not accurate,” says Balk.

Get that? HSUS pushes companies into adopting cage-free policies. But then it’ll just move the goalposts again to “free-range-only.”

By the way, HSUS does have a small point: Those cage-free barns have a higher mortality rate than conventional cage systems that keep hens in smaller groups. But that’s HSUS’s fault for advocating for the change. Turns out when you put many chickens together they may fight to the death–hence the phrase “pecking order.” Would it be fair to say HSUS is responsible for essentially creating more animal fighting?

The goal of animal liberation activists is to eliminate the use of animals for food. The best thing any company–or consumer–can do when considering their deceptive campaigns is to ignore them. And then grab a BLT for lunch.

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