McDonald’s New Salesman: PETA

If vegan alternatives to animal protein are so good, why do vegans keep artificially boosting sales?

A few months ago, McDonald’s began testing the McPlant in Dallas and San Francisco. The McPlant uses a fake meat patty instead of real beef.

Sales overall are not doing well–despite the best efforts of PETA.

PETA has been buying up McPlants and giving them out for free. On Facebook, PETA said it is giving away 10,000 McPlants. At $5.39 retail, PETA is spending over $50,000 to hand them out.

Yes, that’s right: PETA is now paying tens of thousands to one of the biggest meat purveyors in the world, all while PETA runs the website The irony is certainly delicious.

And as usual, PETA’s stunt has little effect.

“I don’t think 10,000 McPlants in a vacuum would be enough to flip a switch. McDonald’s wants to see the numbers continue to increase, not start strong and peak very quickly,” one restaurant industry analyst told Bloomberg.

One franchisee owner in Texas “said the McPlant isn’t selling as well as other menu items at his locations,” Bloomberg reports.

This reminds us of the vegan company Just Egg, formerly known as Hampton Creek Foods.

The company launched an egg replacement a few years ago. Then it was caught running a secret program using its employees to buy up its product, boosting sales. The company spent at least $77,000 on this scheme, but the real number may in fact be much higher.

“I drove all over one night buying the entire shelf of every store I passed,” said one former employee to the San Francisco Business Times. “I felt ridiculous, but it was so culty I couldn’t push back.”

Culty? That’s not the first time we’ve seen that word used about animal activist groups.

Back to the original question: Why do vegans keep artificially boosting sales? Well, the answer seems pretty obvious: Most people simply like eating real, natural meat. Eating meat is human. And that’s an inconvenient truth the PETA folks will just have to find a way to swallow.

In the meantime, instead of handing out fake meat for free, PETA should investigate what percentage of people would have to be paid to eat it.

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