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Washington Post Full-Page Ad Offers Truth in Labeling About the Food Police

Washington, DC – The typical bloated serving size of advice from the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) consists of 56% Junk Science, 41% Scare Tactics and 28% Sensationalism. These ingredients are labeled clearly in a full-page ad by the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) in today’s Washington Post. The ad is in response to CSPI’s latest rehash of its “Liquid Candy” report and its call for warning labels to frighten Americans about soda consumption.

“As usual, CSPI is relying on hype to justify attacks against soda,” said Center for Consumer Freedom Executive Director Rick Berman. “This ad provides truth in labeling on the food police who are addicted to sound bites over sound science.”

Berman noted that despite CSPI’s attempt to connect soda consumption and obesity, an overwhelming body of research from Harvard University, the Journal of Human Nutrition, and the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition all conclude that soda is not linked to childhood obesity.

In an embarrassing episode, CSPI’s original “Liquid Candy” study had to be corrected when it was discovered that the group had wrongly doubled the reported amount of soda consumed by teenagers and then put out dramatic press releases. The Associated Press, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Plain Dealer and Chicago Tribune all reported on the error.

“Just like CSPI’s last flat report on soda and obesity, its latest attempt to frighten us over something as enjoyable as a can of soda leaves a bad aftertaste,” Berman concluded.

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