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Nannies Down On The Range

The New York Times picks up on the anti-agribusiness activist campaign, specifically on the “dangers” of antibiotics in meat. The Times says that in order to avoid antibiotics, turn to organic meat, specifically mentioning Niman Ranch as an antibiotic-free producer.

Niman? It turns out that the company is funding the anti-agribusiness activist campaign pushing organic products produced on small farms. Niman has created a foundation that gives money to activists at groups like Farm Aid and Chefs Collaborative. In turn, Chefs Collaborative members like Charlie Trotter feature Niman meats at their restaurants (seems strange that the Chefs would be shipping in meat considering their “eat local” rhetoric) and Farm Aid attacks big meat producers.

Guess what the anti-agribusiness activists had to eat when they gathered to attack corporate hog farming last week under the leadership of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of the Water Keeper Alliance? Pork from Niman Ranch.

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