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The Meat Free Zone Is For Loading And Unloading of Vegetarian Angst only. .

EarthSave International, the hard-core vegetarian and quasi-environmentalist organization started by ice cream heir John Robbins, has spawned some odd campaigns in recent years, but the group has hit a new low. Noting the trend of “no smoking” sections in airports and restaurants, two members of EarthSave’s board of directors are now offering complimentary “Meat-Free Zone” posters and stickers. Their hope is to openly discourage carnivorous visitors to homes, offices, vehicles, and entire places of business. Robert Cohen, the “Not Milk” guy whose anti-dairy diatribes infect college campuses with increasing frequency, is promoting this effort heavily. Cohen writes: “Today, cigarette smokers have become society’s pariahs. So, too, will meat eaters one day be considered more than pariahs. The last of the meat eaters will be ridiculed as unhealthy savages who torture and kill gentle creatures.”

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