PETA’s School Raid Rolled Into Sushi

You would be forgiven for thinking that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) cares more about a school of fish than a school of children. Once again, the group is swimming upstream from common decency by trying to brainwash children with anti-fishing messages. This week PETA activists descended on a Florida middle school. “The only problem was,” The Miami Herald reported yesterday, “the kids weren’t buying it.”

Looking unfavorably upon a PETA activist clad in a giant fish costume, one student mustered his finest vocabulary, exclaiming: “What the hell is that? Get that out of here.” His friend (perhaps not on the debate team, but chock full of common sense), added: “We’re getting really pissed off, so we need the fish to leave.”

Of course, PETA has used some rusty logic to hook kids with their animal rights message. The group claims, “Fish are intelligent animals.” We disagree — they’re not smart, they’re delicious! As one student put it, “To me, they’re dumb.”

Notwithstanding the merits (or lack thereof) of PETA’s fish-charm offensive, finding people offended by PETA’s tactics was as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. One parent complained to the Herald: “These are middle school kids and parents should be notified if they are trying to influence anything on them.” The school’s principal said she wasn’t informed about PETA’s raid, and responded by calling the school police. She added: “It’s against the law to solicit to minors.” Finally, one eighth-grader told the stuffed swimmer: “I’ll eat you … You’re nothing but sushi to me.”

We’ve detailed before the numerous ways PETA uses its $25 million budget and swarm of radical activists to indoctrinate children with its anti-seafood, anti-meat, and anti-dairy agenda. Click here to download a copy of our report, “Your Kids, PETA’s Pawns.” And click here to sign our petition to the IRS and help us (along with over 60,000 other Americans) to beach PETA’s whale-sized tax benefit.

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