The Buns of Brixton (Fat Fears Flare In England)

The British government’s recently released “report” (read: “screed”) on obesity is still sparking debate on both sides of the Atlantic. And while food fascists have taken the news as an opportunity to redouble their efforts, the forces of food freedom have done little more than tuck tail, apparently under the absurd assumption that this round of obesity panic will blow over if ignored.

Well, it won’t. For why, look no further than this atrocious agitprop from UK business columnist Chris Walker:
The time has come for more radical action, and the food industry knows full well that it is in the Government’s sights
The US is worse than Britain — I am always struck that even their salads taste of sugar — but the UK is catching up fast. A couple of years ago the chairman of Cadbury asserted: "There is no such thing as good or bad food, only a good or bad diet." This no longer seems tenable.

The industry argues that it has taken action over the years, but is it enough?

Make no mistake: UK obesity hype isn’t just bluster. It’s spawning policy that will serve as inspiration for activists Stateside. It also certainly happens in the reverse: The US pioneered so-called "BMI report cards" in school, and now UK public schools have started weighing kindergarteners and sending parents “warning letters” if their kids are too heavy.

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