Jeremy Piven, Back On the Hook

It didn’t take long indeed for actor Jeremy Piven to resume eating fish (if indeed he ever stopped). On Tuesday, Piven was spotted at a Chicago restaurant chowing down on whitefish. Indeed.
Piven made a big stink over fish last year, dropping out of a Broadway show and claiming that mercury from eating fish had made him too ill to continue. The drama of “Sushigate” continued to unfold over the following months, with Piven defending his claims on Good Morning America (indeed) after facing severe skepticism from his co-stars and producers. He even appeared, indeed, on The Letterman Show to tell his story.
As we calculated, Piven would have to eat about 108 pieces of tuna sushi rolls every week for his entire lifetime in order to introduce new health risks from mercury. However, he claimed at the time that he indeed ate sushi twice a day. An Actors’ Equity Association panel was split on believing his claims, and an in-depth Fox News segment discussed the practical impossibility of Piven contracting mercury poisoning from fish. (In fact, Piven would have been the first documented case in America of mercury poisoning from commercially-bought fish. Ever.)
Of course, whipping up a seafood scare didn’t stop Piven from eating calamari and tuna tartare in March. Perhaps Piven has just decided he’s better off eating “brain food.” Indeed.

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