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It’s only Tuesday, but it’s hard to see how anyone’s going to top this. Love him or hate him, talk radio host Rush Limbaugh doesn’t pull any punches. Like us, he is outraged over the misnamed Center for Science in the Public Interest’s (CSPI) threat to sue over toys in Happy Meals. And on a recent show, Limbaugh gave the food cops a piece of his mind:

You know, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, this wacko bunch of leftist kooks, statists, nannies, these are the people that banned coconut oil from your popcorn in movie theaters, have gotten rid of MSG, the flavoring in Chinese food, they wanted to ban Chinese food. These people want to get in your life and tell you what to eat. If you look at these people you wonder if they're barely alive, they're skeletal, they're miserable, they are unhappy, and they want to spread that misery to everybody else by having you eat basically nothing but tofu and cardboard, run around eating miniature rocks and berries as you traverse the deserts of the world.

Today, we’re elaborating with our own sentiments on CSPI’s morose move to take happiness out of kids meals. In the pages of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, we highlight what CSPI doesn’t have faith in—parental responsibility:

Parents know what their kids are consuming – they're driving them to the restaurant, ordering the food for them, and plunking down their cold, hard cash. Shouldn't we entrust them to decide what is appropriate for their young ones?

The ironic thing is that restaurants have already taken the initiative to offer healthier choices. Milk can replace soft drinks. Apple slices are now an alternative to fries.

Of course, this would take some action on the part of our parents. But according to CSPI, parents are simply too lazy or too scared of their children to put healthier options in front of them.

Read the whole piece here.

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