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The Reviews Are In: New York’s “Great Dictator” A Massive Flop

New Yorkers may be accustomed to repeated government dietary meddling, but Mayor Bloomberg’s latest diktat banning sweet drinks in greater-than-16-ounce servings appears to be about as appealing and effective as an ACME anvil. Our Executive Director was on CNBC’s The Kudlow Report to explain what the ban means to a host righteously outraged by Hizzoner’s latest ploy:

Kudlow wasn’t alone. The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart resisted the burgeoning nanny state on his show, slurping down a movie theater soft drink while snidely remarking that Bloomberg’s order “combines the draconian government overreach people love with the probable lack of results they expect.” We’d quibble only with conceding that lack of results are merely “probable”; after all, how can restricting access to a mere seven percent of our daily calories have any effect on New Yorkers’ weight?

Policymakers outside Gracie Mansion weren’t keen on the proposal either. House Budget Committee chair Paul Ryan panned the measure and House Speaker John Boehner told The Hill, “Are you kidding me?” when asked for his thoughts. Even some of Bloomberg’s usual allies think Hizzoner may finally have outdone himself: City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said that the edict looked “more on the punitive side of things” than she was comfortable with.

On the other hand, the usual suspects were pleased. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (last seen flip-flopping on trans fats ahead of Bloomberg’s last crusade) loved the proposal, with its president saying, “This is the essence of public health.” Kelly Brownell, godfather of the reviled Twinkie tax, called the move “a big deal.”

Some were even more willing than they to bow down before Big Brother. A Philadelphia Inquirer columnist defended Bloomberg, saying, “Maybe the reason we’ve created a nanny state is that, well, we actually need a nanny.” Somewhere, Patrick Henry spins in his grave. Of course, these are the same sort of people who openly say we can’t be trusted to be adults.

But even with that fine array of allies, Big Brother Bloomberg still hasn’t convinced everybody. He assures us that he isn’t taking choice away (and we all love Big Brother, don’t we?).

And of course, if everything Big Brother says is true, all must do their duty and report this stunning example of doublepluscrimethink from the Investors’ Business Daily editors to the appropriate authorities:

That’s the ultimate frosting atop true tyranny: when the dictator assures you that you are free.

In the real world of New York City’s deceptive posters and misleading commercials, that statement couldn’t be more right. And we’re not letting this go: Take a look inside tomorrow’s New York Times for something that’s sure to get the Nanny-in-chief’s attention.

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